WITW? aka What In the World…?

We love off-the-wall stuff. Factoids. Minutae. Trivia. We’ve found some wonderful sites that make us wonder about the future of the planet. We love ’em. Hope you will too.

The Straight Dope – Cecil Adams knows everything about everything. If you doubt that, just ask him.

Mental Floss – Their tagline says it all: “Where knowledge junkies get their fix.”

Snopes.com – We love these guys. They debunk all the hoaxes, scams, and urban legends littering our e-mail inboxes.

Cracked.com – Their lists make David Letterman’s look like a sophomoric effort. Check out the one about Glinda the Good Witch being the ultimate villain. TY, Nerdy Girl, for adding this to the list!

Freaking News – An entire website of twisted photoshopped images. Very creative and I could spend days looking through them all!


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