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We all like free stuff. But aren’t you a little bit skeptical when someone wants to give you something for nothing? I am.

On my facebook page, there are ads displayed in the right column. The ones that want me to click if I love my daughter really make me wonder. Someone is paying for that ad space. They may pay by clicks received or by how many times their ad is displayed. I don’t click on those. That altruistic person/company is collecting facebook id’s for some reason. Just sayin’…

I do like bonuses. I pay for my TV/broadband service. That includes Video-On-Demand. Gotta love it. That includes ExerciseTV. Woohoo! All those workout videos you can buy? FREE! I chose Leslie Sansone’s Start Walking Program. Twenty minutes. Zero impact. No equipment. No athletic ability/coordination required.

After getting Nerdy Girl to join me and a few weeks of walking in our living room, we headed outdoors. One destination yielded another bonus. Outdoor fitness equipment at a nearby park. Designed to use bodyweight for resistance, it’s like going to the gym only better. It’s FREE! We get to be outside, get cardio workout by walking, vitamin D and a little color from the sun, and muscle-toning workout at the park.

Any really FREE stuff in your world?