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Affecting the Passage of Time

Posted: September 27, 2013 by Nerdy Woman in Perspectives
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1302896127_1c17156215When I was a child, there were few things that could wake me before sunrise and the rest of the family. Christmas morning. A trip to Disneyland. The first day of school. It seemed I had to wait, not for the event, but for other people. Gifts could be unwrapped, the road trip begun, the breakfast eaten and preparations done as soon as other people were ready to participate. Time passed ever so slowly.

As an adult, I discovered joy in fishing. Not the constant activity of fly fishing or deep-sea fishing, but the languid stillness of lake fishing. For those who haven’t done this, it requires two things: patience and stubbornness. Waiting. Waiting for the telltale bend of the tip of the rod, waiting for a sign that a fish had taken the bait. Living on a lake, I fished often and there were many days when the fervently sought movement never came. The sun would be well up before I conceded the fish had been smarter than me that day. Time passed much too quickly.

Perhaps it is an unwritten universal law: If you are waiting to do something, whether it is work or play or going home at the end of the week, time passes slowly. If you are doing something, the clock races and you find yourself wanting (or needing) more time for the activity.

Perhaps the secret to waiting is busyness. Stop sitting and staring at the clock. Do something. Time will fly by and the waiting is past.

The hours and days run together.
I would not know time except for
The light and the dark and
The numbers on the wall.

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scarecrowHow many directions can I go simultaneously? A wise scarecrow once said, “People do go both ways.” That’s what I want to do… I want to create things using fabric and yarn and paint and beads and paper. I want to take pictures. Good pictures. I want to participate in the 365MakeSomthingEveryDay challenge. I want to cook and bake every day. I want to develop my ideas for inventions. I want to write. Fiction. Nonfiction. About Project Red. A series of books detailing DIY projects paced over several weeks (for those of us who are easily overwhelmed by the size of the task). I think I have a lot of experience with BIG projects. Everything can be a BIG project.

I want to learn more so I can do more with website and graphic design. I want to read that growing stack of books. I want to walk 3 miles every day and use those Butt Bible videos. I’m a craft wonk. A creative wonk. A cooking wonk. A word wonk. I used to be a techno wonk but I blinked while staying home with Nerdy Girl for the past few years.

Focus. I need to focus. I have an idea that I think would sell very well on craft sales sites. I’m about to start prototyping it, but I’m still noodling design options in my head. Meanwhile, I was thinking I need to develop an online presence on sites where potential buyers will view my shameless self-promotion. I’m also debating continuing to use the WordPress domain and server or pop over to and snag a couple of domain names and some space where I have complete flexibility and the WordPress blogging app. I was even thinking about sharing server space and offering my services to other artisans who don’t want to be geeky at all. Do I want to be an inventor and artisan or do I want to be the webmaster and marketing department?

I’m laughing at myself because even as I read this, I can feel that Puppy Dog Syndrome come over me and I’m over-engineering the project, aren’t I?

I’d love to know I’m not alone in my diverse interests. I’d love to hear how you find time and the ability to focus on the really important stuff.