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Sharing, With a Safety Net

SAN FRANCISCO — Kids. The reckless rants and pictures they post online can often get them in trouble…

What ever happened to parental responsibility to teach their children personal responsibility, self-discipline, discernment? The proposed law would not protect them after they turn 18, so perhaps it would be better to teach them how to use the internet before they can no longer erase their misdeeds and overshares.


Mom is making me crazy. Kaiser Permanente is making me crazy. CALIFORNIA IS MAKING ME CRAZY. You see, my family has health insurance. Mom goes onto the KP website to set me up for a doctor appointment. I don’t mind leaving things like that to Mom, since that is what moms do and I am an incredibly lazy person (I trust she won’t send me off to Dr. Frankenstein or someone like that).

Turns out, she can’t do that. The law in CA says that from 12 to 17, teenagers have complete privacy concerning their medical care. Mom doesn’t get to know anything about what medical care I’m receiving, or set appointments, or anything like that. I can get an abortion without letting her know, but I can’t get a second set of ear piercings or a tattoo without her consent. (Damn)

They won’t send me the temporary password for my KP account via email, either. Because, you know, Mom could get into my email and get the password. THE HORROR of Mom knowing what I’m up to! D:

We’re waiting for the temporary password to arrive through the snail mail so I can get into my account (Never mind the fact the Mom gets to the snail mail before I do, and could get my pass either way…).

It’s screwy, that’s all there is to it.