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Stop the Madness

Posted: November 9, 2013 by Nerdy Woman in Global Citizen
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What Mass Killers Want — And How to Stop Them

A lengthy but compelling article makes the case for minimizing the attention given to massacres as a way to reduce the frequency of these events.

Personally, I doubt the news media will pay attention and restrain from sensationalizing such horrific crimes.


Josh is the nephew of a friend of mine. Yesterday was Josh’s 30th birthday, almost 10 yrs since his disappearance. His family has not forgotten him and not a day goes by that he is not mentioned and we share a somber moment. Someone has information, has answers. Several classmates were never questioned. Their lives haven’t been interrupted but I hope they remember. I pray they’ll finally believe it’s time to come forward with anything they know about Josh’s disappearance, Josh’s life interrupted.

AMW | Missing Persons | Joshua Guimond | Case.