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If you use images for your business website or presentations, you want to be careful about copyright infringement (if you don’t want others to use your intellectual property, you need to respect their IP, too).

There are dozens of stock photo websites, but it seems that, with the exception of WikiMedia, they all require registration before seeing anything larger than a thumbnail. Grrr. I just want to see if the picture is suitable for my purposes before I sign up.

Search engines are good alternatives and the search site just made image searches easier. Check this out:

Type in your search term. I’m doing a search for images of Abraham Lincoln. Right on the homepage, Bing asks what type of information I want to retrieve:


If I choose images, Bing provides search results of websites that offer images of Abraham Lincoln, but if I click on Images at the top edge of the screen…


Notice the gray bar beneath the search field. You can filter the 71,700 images to select Size (small, medium, large, wallpaper), Color (color, b/w, or a particular color, such as sepia), Type (photo, clipart, line drawing), Layout (square, wide, tall – to fit your project!), People (heads only, head and shoulders), Date (when images were posted), and (drum roll, please) License (yes, you can filter for images which you can modify and use in your project). I LOVE THIS FEATURE!

Google does offer some tools for filtering results, but the Layout and License tools are unique to Bing. Bing does provide a link to Creative Commons where you can learn more about various license types and proper attribution. Always be sure to give credit where credit is due. Now, didn’t that project just get easier?


Doing some ‘puter/’net housekeeping chores, I attempted to log on to my Google account. Something I haven’t done in a very long time. I couldn’t complete the task because I have cookies blocked on my ‘puter. Well, not completely. I have to give permission for 3rd-party cookies to be stored on my computer. You should do that too and I’ll show you why.

Go to Google’s Privacy Policies. You don’t have read the techno-babble or legalese. Just read the section under the “Information we collect” heading. Got the heebie-jeebies yet? If you said no, did you read far enough to see where they say they may collect info about your mobile phone, including phone calls, people you call, GPS coordinates of where you are, etc.? Is your phone or your next phone an Android?

If not, try this one… Google’s info blurb about the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). You can OPT OUT of advertisers placing cookies that track your online behavior and “tailor” advertising to your interests and habits.

I’m really rethinking that Google account. It seems I need it for Youtube, but there aren’t any other services they provide that isn’t available somewhere else with less intrusive practices. I don’t even use their search engine… Check out It’s a great search engine that groups results into clouds. They are adamant about not tracking your behavior or collecting information about you. They’ve also got parental controls/filtering if you need that. Open-mouthed smile

Even Microsoft’s is better about respecting your privacy. Check out Microsoft’s Privacy Policies. And their map tool is much nicer than Google Maps.

P.S. I seemed to recall and have now verified that the Android operating system software development is open source but Google is leading it. To quote from the Android website FAQ: “…Google has committed the professional engineering resources necessary to ensure that Android is a fully competitive software platform. Google treats the Android project as a full-scale product development operation, and strikes the business deals necessary to make sure that great devices running Android actually make it to market.”

That new cell phone may just be an iPhone or a Windows phone instead.