Mom Rules

When Nerdy Girl was born, I discovered that, like the laws of physics or thermodynamics, there are some universal truths that come into play. They are the little things that reveal how much I love my daughter and how she quickly became the center of the universe. I wish I’d lived by these principles when Dana was a baby, but that’s another story for another day.

1. Bubble bath comes is a Tigger-shaped bottle.

2. Jewelry has small oval pictures attached.

3. If your child is cold in the supermarket, you wrap your own blazer/sweater/jacket around them and gladly suffer goosebumps yourself.

4. You eat Happy Meals for workday lunches so your child can get the complete collection of toys.

5. You surrender the last peanut butter cup despite your own chocolate craving.

6. Shopping expeditions often result in new clothes but you don’t ever remember being that small. Trips to the bookstore have a similar outcome: new books but nothing for your to-be-read stack.

7. All rules are reversed when a child turns 18. Mom gets the last chocolate, the warm blanket, the Happy Meal toy.

I’d love to add your mom rules.


Comments welcome!

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