I can do that in my sleep

Posted: June 4, 2012 by Nerdy Woman in Perspectives
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Ah, we’ve probably all uttered those famous last words. At the Manchester City Games, the people responsible for setting up the hurdles might have said them. They were wrong. Setting up nine sets of hurdles instead of ten led to embarrassment, frustration, and disappointment.

Jessica Ennis won the race. Her time of 12.75 seconds was a personal best. Then an astute runner in the audience counted the hurdles… Event organizers issued profound apologies but, well, it’s not like they could request a do-over. What if another runner won? Jessica Ennis wouldn’t be any happier. I suppose the other runners could request a do-over, but since they were competing against one another and all jumped the same number of hurdles and ran the same distance, Ennis earned her 1st place finish.

With London hosting the Olympics next month, perhaps it is a good thing that this happened. Well, not for Manchester or Jessica Ennis or her competitors, but for the Olympics. Nothing eliminates complacency and encourages diligence like a really bad mistake.

While a job well done isn’t always noticed (those hurdle guys don’t get a lot of appreciation if they do it right), a mistake can be your undoing. Pay attention to the details! No matter what you do, it’s more important than you think.


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