This time, it ain’t Microsoft’s fault

Posted: March 14, 2012 by Nerdy Woman in Global Citizen, Perspectives
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Everyone loves to blame the big, bad capitalists at Microsoft, seldom acknowledging when they do something right or when their product is wrongly suspected…

Browsing around and reading blogs, I came upon a few that would not display properly. I mean really bad. Headers, menus, columns, and navigation missing or whacked.

Screenshots of the same page with and without tracking protection

I wrote to a couple of webmasters telling them they had a problem with their site and received some kind msgs back saying it looks okay so everything must be fixed now. I revisit. Still whack. Now my OCD kicks in and I want it to work right, dammit! I open the Firefox browser and look at those pages again. Wow! They look fine here. But I like Internet Explorer. Like my 13-year-old car, I’m familiar with it.

Summoning my pseudo-geek persona, I search for ‘IE9 display problems’ and come up with a ton of forums and discussion boards with several people complaining about the same thing. All the answers said it was an IE9 bug and recommended Google Chrome or Firefox or Safari instead. That wasn’t gonna work for me.

I started thinking about changes I’d made recently since this problem just started happening. After Sunday’s discovery of Google’s intrusive method of tracking me, I beefed up tracking protection in IE9, adding BTW, they were all sites. In case you don’t know, belongs to Google. Since that was something new, I disabled it. Dayum! THE PAGES ARE NOW DISPLAYING CORRECTLY IN INTERNET EXPLORER!!!

Yes kids, if you don’t let Google track you, you don’t get to look at stuff they control. Like blogs on For all my friends who still use, come on over to WordPress. You deserve more respect.


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