Everything changes…sometimes for the better

Posted: March 11, 2012 by Nerdy Woman in Perspectives
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I was born the year John Kennedy was elected president. While air travel was common, many people and first-class U.S. mail still traveled cross country by 3-day train trip. Like most middle class families, our house had one phone. It was black, had a round dial, and we had to dial 5 numbers to make a local call.

The year Ronald Reagan was elected president, I worked for a bank using a teletype machine. And 5 years later, I was using a computerized typesetting machine, complete with 5.5- and 8-inch floppy disks (they were the predecessors of USB flash drives and much, much bigger). That was the year after Apple introduced the Macintosh computer in a bleeding edge commercial depicting society as an Orwellian mass of lemmings following IBM’s lead (IBM was the company that introduced the personal computer to most people by making them something you didn’t have to build or program yourself).

With personal computers came a new buzzword: Desktop Publishing. Everyday people could now print documents, advertising, newsletters, and yes, even books, without going to the local printing shop.

Tens years later, millions of people were signing up for America Online (AOL) using the software that came on a 3.5-inch floppy disk that arrived in their snail mail. I got my first windows computer and was teaching computer and internet intro classes at a computer school.

When Nerdy Girl was born 2 years later, I got my first cell phone. After living through all these technological changes, the one that stands out and has me happy-dancing today? Youtube. After several attempts when I was younger, I’m learning how to knit. It could only happen with the availability of instructional videos posted by hundreds of really nice knitters.

Okay, I’m guilty of rambling again. But thanks for reading to the end. What’s your life-changer?


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