Living with Puppy Dog Syndrome

Posted: March 10, 2012 by Nerdy Woman in Perspectives
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A few years ago, Nerdy Girl and I were both misdiagnosed with ADHD (aka ADD). The fact that we could both focus on one thing for hours and hours at a time seems to belie that diagnosis. I’ve since discovered that what we really have is PDS. Puppy Dog Syndrome. Like a puppy who has lots of kids to play with, we are easily distracted by something that grabs our interest, only to abandon it when something else is noticed in our peripheral vision.

That is the only explanation I can offer for months of absence from blogging and Facebook and other online pursuits. I’ve been distracted. But I’m back and determined to be more consistent. I’ve resolved to ramble less, be more focused, keep my posts shorter so writing time doesn’t become a marathon session that needs to wait. Not to mention posts being less tedious to read.

I do want to point out the positive aspect of PDS…I have many interests and curiosity about almost everything. Nerdy Girl says I’m easily amused and entertained. She just shook her head the other day when I showed her the NOAA’s online education website (who knew we could learn about meteorology in the comfort of our own home?).

Thank you, friends, for hanging in there through 2 or 3 paragraphs. Stay tuned as I delve into a renewed interest in knitting and crocheting, the creative process of inventing and the onerous process of seeking patents, and 365 days of creativity that started with a book (of course) and a choice of colors for my laptop.

  1. S-S Mattie says:

    hmm…. This is kinda like something else i heard that they say’s common with gifted kids. I think the name is butterfly mind syndrome, and it’s commonly misdiagnosed as ADHD. The difference is a child who doesn’t want to pay attention and a child who can’t pay attention.

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