Free is Good!

Posted: August 30, 2011 by Nerdy Woman in Parenting, Practical Ideas
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We all like free stuff. But aren’t you a little bit skeptical when someone wants to give you something for nothing? I am.

On my facebook page, there are ads displayed in the right column. The ones that want me to click if I love my daughter really make me wonder. Someone is paying for that ad space. They may pay by clicks received or by how many times their ad is displayed. I don’t click on those. That altruistic person/company is collecting facebook id’s for some reason. Just sayin’…

I do like bonuses. I pay for my TV/broadband service. That includes Video-On-Demand. Gotta love it. That includes ExerciseTV. Woohoo! All those workout videos you can buy? FREE! I chose Leslie Sansone’s Start Walking Program. Twenty minutes. Zero impact. No equipment. No athletic ability/coordination required.

After getting Nerdy Girl to join me and a few weeks of walking in our living room, we headed outdoors. One destination yielded another bonus. Outdoor fitness equipment at a nearby park. Designed to use bodyweight for resistance, it’s like going to the gym only better. It’s FREE! We get to be outside, get cardio workout by walking, vitamin D and a little color from the sun, and muscle-toning workout at the park.

Any really FREE stuff in your world?

  1. I have an outdoor gym about 4.5 miles away. I usually drive to get there, but it has the bonus of being right by the fishing docks and the wholesale fish shop. The fish isn’t free, but costs less than at the supermarket.
    Sometimes I simply walk along the cliffs by the sea – up and down is fairly strenuous – and free.

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